About CC27   COSTUME-CON is an annual conference about costumes. It features classes, exhibits, a fashion show, several masquerades, and other competitions. The convention is dedicated to the art and craft of costumes and costuming of all types. It  has its roots in science fiction and fantasy conventions and historic re-enactment type events. That said all forms of costumes are welcome, and encouraged, including, (but not limited to), anime, fursuit, steampunk, original design, interpretational, recreation, and so on. Costume-Con is also a "traveling" national-level convention, and is in a different city and run by a different committee each year. This year visit us in Timonium, Maryland!

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The FRIDAY NIGHT SOCIAL will start at 8:30pm on Friday. Don't forget to wear your single pattern costume, or other fun garb!

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Castle Blood

Many of the fearsome and wonderous denizens of Castle Blood will be making the rounds, and running events at CC27. Visit our lair by clicking above.