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CC27 Dealers Room Page

We are pleased to announce that the dealers rooms are all sold out. 

Feast your eyes, and glut your souls on the amazing bounty to be found within the walls of the dealers dungeon!

Fabrics, Patterns, and all sorts of costumery goodness await you as you enter the rooms sure to relieve you of your cash, credit cards, and the foolish desire to refrain from it's call.


If you are an Attendee, here is some of the information you may want before the convention.


Here is a sample of some of the wonderful folks you'll find in our Dealers Room:  

  • Castle Blood

  • Poison Pen Press

  • Lance Oszko Beads

  • J and J Enterprises

  • Hornek Sculpture

  • White Wolf & Phoenix

  • Ursula's Alcove

  • Reconstructing History

  • Realms of Whimsy Fantasy Patterns

  • Bead Addicts Anonymous

  • Raven FX

  • Brute Force Leather

  • 2 Crazy Ladies Fabric Flea Market

Sales hours : Friday : 2pm to 6pm

                      Saturday 10 am  to 6 pm

                      Sunday   10 am to 6 pm



If you are a Dealer, here’s some additional information you may want before the convention.

Badges :  Dealers may pick up there badges on Friday starting at 9am at the entrance to the dealers room.

               Remember, you get one non competition badge per table. If you have not given  us specific names to go on them, they will just say the company name.

Set up :  Set up  for dealers is from 10-2 on Friday

             Load in access will be very easy, and there are multiple entrance points you can use  depending on where you are set up. This will be easily explained to you on Friday morning

Tear down:   Sunday after 6 pm. rooms must be cleared Sunday night

Early Thursday check in:  If you are arriving on Thursday and would like all your info, either Ricky Dick, or Chris Handa should be able to get all that for you, and your packets will be in a separate dealer box at normal con reg. This way you will be all set for Friday morning.

Tax Collection:  Sadly, you are responsible for any sales tax collection for the state of Maryland, and for whatever other evil powers you deal with. For more information contact