Bobby Gear Memorial Quilt Contest

Bobby Gear was a stupendous quilter and inspired many of us in quilting and costuming. Sadly she passed away in 2005. Having always wanted to run a Quilt Contest at a Costume Con, this contest is to honor her and inspire us to continue making quilts.

Bobby Gear

"Textures of the Universe"

Costume Con 12


Quilt Size

  • Maximum 3 feet by 3 feet, may be square, rectangular, circular, or any other shape.

  • Maximum size includes any borders or sashings.

  •  There is no minimum size; if enough smaller or miniature quilts are entered, there

  • may be a separate category. List of categories and instructions for delivery/pickup will appear on the entry form.

  • Quilts must have a 3” wide hanging sleeve on the top back side in order to be hung for exhibit.

  • Quilt Content

    • Any theme, colors, or fabrics are allowable.

    • SF, Fantasy and costume themes are encouraged.

    •  Quilt patterns may be original or published patterns; or whole-cloth quilts. If you are using a published pattern or are inspired by an artist, photo or sculpture, please site source.

    • Entries must meet the definition of a quilt – top, batting, backing held together with stitching. Stitching may be quilting and/or embroidery, done by hand or machine.

    • The entry may be the product of a group of quilters. A group is considered one or more persons, for example one person constructed the top and another person did the quilting and finishing. If a group is entering a quilt,


    •  Hand, machine piecing and/or quilting are acceptable.

    • All techniques including but not limited to appliqué, embroidery, paper piecing are acceptable. Construction may be a combination of any or all techniques.

    • Any embellishment is allowable.

    Other Rules

    • Entrants must have at least a supporting membership to CC27 to enter; but are not required to attend the con to enter or win.


    Entry form (04/04/08 21K)
    instructions (04/04/08 52K)
    Bobby Gear Memorial Quilt Contest original Flyer (07/04/07 51K)

    Resources at:  www.QUILTING PASSION.COM


    Contact: Lisa Ashton