CC27 News


May 6, 2009
CC27 Videos
The Costume Con DVD collection is a 2 disc set that will include the Historical Masquerade, the Future Fashion Show, and the Fantasy & Sci-Fi Masquerade. 

Each video is a multi-camera edited show, with an awards montage at the end to highlight the winnersí costumes. Also on the DVD sets will be slide shows of Hall Costumes, Single Pattern Contest Costumes, Simplicity Pattern Costumes, Doll Contest, and the Bobby Gear Memorial, Quilt Contest.

ORDER PDF available here:

Your DVD order helps to support Costume Con.

April 14, 2009
Simplicity Model Update 
"If you think that there is any chance that you might be one of the models (either size) for the Simplicity Pattern garments (there will be
two program items plus the tail end of the Future Fashion Show - Near-Future Fashions) please email a picture of yourself to Andrea  Schewe
so that she can assign specific costumes to specific people which will make it easier for you to know what shoes, etc. to bring. Simplicity is very enthusiastic about this, and just think, you can put in your 'brag book' that you were a Simplicity Model!"

April 14, 2009
Stage Dimensions 
The stage will be 24' wide x 16' deep and 2' high. Entrances will be from upstage right and exits upstage left. The stage dimensions were in the PR and have not changed from the beginning although the entrance and exits are merely reversed from what was originally published in the PR.

April 14, 2009
Super-shuttle to/from BWI-hotel-BWI

For anyone who's flying in to BWI, and doesn't feel inclined to schlep all their luggage and stuff through the light-rail system to get close enough for the hotel shuttle to pick you up, we now have an account with Super-Shuttle! Go to and make your reservation.  Reservations are best. they have us listed as "Costume-Con 27". Just collect your luggage before you come to the desk. Without using this code it will cost $35 each way to get a ride to and from the hotel. With this code you get a discount of $3 off a one-way ride and $6 off a round trip (hey, every little bit helps!).The discount code should be good for any time between April 30 -May 5, with possible additional day on either side (just ask if you need it).
-Judy Mitchell

April 7, 2009
Models for Simplicity

Several of you responded to Andrea Schewe's request for models, sample size (10 - bust 32 1/2", waist 25, hips 36) for some of Simplicity's new patterns. She is also bringing a couple of "sexy short skirted costumes" for the more full figured woman Women's 22 (bust 44", waist 37", hip 48") and would like to find models for them. She is hoping that these outfits could be shown at the end of her presentations and possibly as the end of the Future Fashion Show (Near Future Fashions). Now since our program schedule is still only cast in warm Jello, I suggest that if you are interested in possibly modeling either of these sizes, you sign up at the Events Registration desk when you get to the con, and once you have a chance to check the program schedule you can list your availability. -- Marty


April 1, 2009
3 tentative workshops, (advance registration needed.)
Theatrical Costumer, Feather Tippetts, has offered to teach 3 workshops for CC27 that she can only do if enough students register in advance. (NOTE--These are the only workshops that will need advance registration.) Feather is available to teach on Friday afternoon, Saturday and Sunday, so we can schedule according to interest.  

Please read the descriptions carefully. Each program requires participants to bring some of their own supplies (2 require a sewing machine). Each has a workshop fee payable to Feather at the workshop--CASH PREFERRED!

We must have at least 8 students pre-register by Saturday, APRIL 11th, for these workshops to be scheduled. Please email me (Sharon Landrum), , to sign-up or have  any questions.
  Thank you, Sharon Landrum Co-programming director   

Victorian Comfort Bustle Creation--3 hours,
(Sewing machine required)
Create your own Bustle that is lightweight, packs flat for travel, gives when you are seated, yet can support anything from lightweight summer cotton to heavy wool! You can make it in plain cotton or cover it in silk taffeta with a ruffle to match your favorite corset.  

Regency Ostrich Egg Reticule--3.5 hours
(Sewing machine required)
Create your own unique Regency Reticule. The bottom half is an ostrich egg shell, decorated with delicate metal stampings in silver, bronze, or copper tones. The outer top is silk taffeta and the entire reticule is fabric lined. It opens and closes via a pair of drawstrings. A tassel is suspended from the bottom.  

Victorian Hairpieces Creation--2 hours
Love those elaborate Victorian Hairstyles but think your hair is too short? No time to put your long hair up into a fabulous Victorian do? This workshop will solve your problem! You'll create one or two hairpieces that you can quickly and easily attach to your hair at a moment's notice. You'll learn how to get that look you need for that finished Victorian touch and not worry about another "bad" Victorian Hair Day.  

March 13, 2009
Diagram of the Main Tent!

The Main Tent has been laid out.  Now you can see where the con suite is, and the stage layout.  Look here: Graphic of Main Tent
December 24, 2008
Fashion Folio Update!
THANK YOU to those of you who have already contacted me to reserve designs from the Future Fashion Folio to create for the Fashion Show!!!  And to those of yo u who haven't reserved yet----read over the Folio again, choose one its terrific winning entries, and contact me at to reserve.  This year's Folio is FANTASTIC and I'd love to see many designs in it come to life!  We are working to set up a page listing the designs as they are reserved, but CONTACT ME now, to be able to get your first choice.

December 20, 2008
Quilt Contest update!
Thanks to Vickie Warren, we are pleased to announce a lovely Quilt Book/Kit as one of our prizes in the Quilt Contest. I hope you are already in progress on your wonderful work of art, or, if not, that you are feeling inspired to begin a quilt! Remember, the maximum size is 3 feet x 3 feet; and there is no minimum size! We are looking forward to seeing a wonderful variety of quilts to exhibit and compete. Don't hesitate to email me at for inspiration!

September 22, 2008
CC27 Tours and Extensions Space & Questionare Available

The CC27 Tours and Excursions space is available now, just created this week.  It's not fancy but it does the job.  Check it out and be sure to give Betsy feedback: !

September 18, 2008
Simplicity Pattern Contest

Simplicity is sponsoring a contest for the best use of a Simplicity pattern in any of the competitions; Fantasy & Science-Fiction Masquerade, Future Fashion Show, or Historic Masquerade. First Prize will be $250.00, Second Prize will be an assortment of Simplicity Patterns, and Third Prize will be a Side Winder (bobbin winder). Simplicity sponsored a similar contest for Costume Con 3, and the first prize went to Adrian Butterfield who adapted a Simplicity coat pattern for her SS Officer's greatcoat in the Historic competition.

The rules are quite simple (pun intended.) You must start with a Simplicity pattern. It can be of any age , it does not have to be from their current catalog. You must bring a copy of the front of the pattern envelope clearly showing the Simplicity pattern number. The garment must be part of a costume entered in one of the three contests listed above, but it does not have to be the major feature of the costume. While documentation is not required, the judges would probably appreciate a brief written description as to what you did. (This can be turned in at the convention.) You will have to fill out an entry form for this contest, either on-line or at the convention. You must agree to allow Simplicity to use pictures of the costume and your name for promotional purposes should they choose to do so.

This prize is unrelated to any of the other prizes in the contests, but because it can apply to a costume entered in any of the three contests, the winner will be announced with the winners of the Historic Masquerade on Sunday night.