Con Suite
The Con Suite is in a public area so it will be dry.  There will be mainly cafe/bistro tables with chairs and there will also be some upholstered sofas and chairs scattered throughout.

We will have have various snacks and beverages, if you would like something special please let the Con Suite Staff know prior to the convention so prices and availability can be checked.  Also, if you want to sponsor a party or an activity in the Con Suite, please contact the Con Suite Staff.


Sponsored/Promotional Parties:


    • Friday 4PM to 8PM: CC28/Milwaukee in 2010

    • Saturday 9AM to 11AM: Breakfast with CC29 

    • Saturday 2PM to 3PM: Passionately Pink

    • Saturday 4PM: Hair Spray Party

    • Saturday 10PM* to Midnight: Reno Worldcon in 2011

    • Sunday 2PM to 3PM: Passionately Pink

    • Sunday 10PM* to 1AM: CC30/Pittsburgh


              * - starts after the end of the Masquerade or at 10PM


Contact the Con Suite Staff: