COSTUME-CON is an annual conference with roots in science fiction and fantasy conventions and historic re-enactment events, but all forms of costuming are welcome, including cosplay, fursuit, museum, theatrical, and more. Costume-Con is a "traveling" national-level conference, and is held annually in different cities, run by different committees each year.
For more information about Costume-Con Past, Present, and Future, visit Costume-ConNections, the Costume-Con Visual Archive, at THE WHOLE COSTUMER'S CATALOGUE ONLINE (red menu button):
This invaluable resource book for costumers went out of print in 1998 after 14 editions. It was always a Herculean task to update, which is what led to its demise in print form. We are happy to announce that it will be revived here, in on-line form. Please be patient while we convert the old files to HTML and then attempt to update them to present-day and make them searchable.

For the bio of Costume Con's founder and Service Mark holder, or for contact information for Costume-Con the entity, click on the lime green buttons below.
If you have questions about a specific Costume-Con, you should go to that site and ask that committee.

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